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A Call from the Deep

callofdisciplesJohn 1: 43-51
1 Samuel 3: 1-11
Introduction to the reading from the Gospel of John
Following on the Old Testament reading from Samuel, we hear another passage about God’s call to a human being and upon that human being’s life. Jesus has begun to draw together his band of disciples. He first called Andrew and his brother Simon Peter. According to John’s Gospel, these two were initially disciples of John the Baptist but they left him to become disciples of Jesus instead (see John 1: 35-42). The very next day, Jesus enlists Nathanael and Philip.

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Over the Mud

magiMatthew 2: 1-12 and 13-23
Introduction to the reading
The Christmas pageant tableau is now complete; the three Wise Men have arrived at the stable in Bethlehem. How that came about was our first reading for today, Matthew 2: 1-12. In Church tradition, the visit of the Magi is called the Epiphany, the revelation of God incarnate to the Gentiles and thence to the whole world beyond Israel. Epiphany is celebrated on January 6, twelve days after Christmas, yesterday.

The Magi were about as distant from Judaism as possible, both geographically and theologically, but they were the ones, after the poor shepherds, who recognized that the newborn Jesus was truly Immanuel, God with us. Their arrival seems to be the fulfillment of the poetic prophecy of Isaiah:

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